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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a great holiday.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pillow Shams for mom

These are not be a surprise for my mom.  She knows they are coming.  The surprise is that they are done, and hopefully on their way soon.  We have snow and ice expected tomorrow.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas throw

I have gotten some quilting in lately but not as much as I hoped.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary Hubert & Lorene

My Mom and Dad are celebrating 60 years of marriage this year. As a family we went on a cruise this May but this week is the actual day. I was not able to get back to Texas for the family get together last weekend but I did send a quilt that I did for them.

Reflections of the Fabric of Life
In the fabric of life we are given values from our parents that we take and weave into our own.
With our own light that we bring when we meet our match in life.
Together they are joined to become one.
Days, weeks, months and years accumulate.
Experiences grow and create a whole new fabric.
The twist and turns, the new colors and values are not always smooth.
Sometimes there are clashes and the pieces just do not fit
. We continue on, use the materials we have and make it work.
When it is complete it is something to be proud of.

Flowing through it all is the faith that holds us together.
It too gets into tangle and is stretched thin but it perseveres.

It is when we step back and look at life as a whole we see the complete picture.
The contrast between dark and light times is necessary to make the design visible.

Love in the binding that makes us whole. It stretches around us and completes us.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quilting Gallery weekly contest

If you have never been to Quilting Gallery it is a really good place to visit. There are quilting bloggers from all over the world, contest and links to all things quilting.

I have entered one of my older quilts "She's crazy in the Attic". I made it after I cut many pieces for a Apple Core quilt. I really am crazy because I have started doing some free motion quilting on the leaf border. I think that it will lead to more quilting all over to keep it from warping out of shape.

It is just now that I have done some free motion quilting I really like how a quilt looks when it has an all over design. My old quilts with just stitch in the ditch look unfinished. We shall see.

Friday, October 1, 2010

No Sew Dog Shirt

You can make a cute little sweater for your dog in just a few minutes without sewing a stitch.
Start with a old shirt. I picked this up a the thrift store. I looked for a shirt large enough so that the sleeve would go around my dog. She weighs 6 pounds so I uses a boys medium. I have used felted sweaters for a even warmer sweater.

Start by cutting off a sleeve at the shoulder.

Measure your dog and estimate how long it needs to be, then cut off the cuff end. Take in mind how much stretch there is to go over the head and fabric for a folded over cuff.

Fold the end over a couple of inches.

Cut two slits on either side of the seam that will be under the dog. My dog has about 1 inch between her front legs so I try to keep about 1 inch intact. The slits should be about 2 inches long.

Slip over the head and pull legs though slits. The natural cut of the sleeve works out just right for the back side, mine anyway as she is a female. You might cut it in more for a male.

Monday, September 20, 2010

New ironing table.

I mentioned my new ironing table my last blog and want to give update on this. I like the bigger surface to work on and the height. I put a layer of fabric and a ironing fabric on the top to pad it a little. That is secured with clips. The only down side is the metal expands when heated to much. I have a padded board to use when I need to apply extra pressure.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christmas in September

I have decided to pull out my box of Christmas fabric and see what I can make or finish. I found two quilts that I started and should finish and am cutting out a third. They will be small lap size quilts. I want to make some table runners also. I divided the fabric by colors and will go from there.

We will see how many get done. If you need something just give a yell, or email. There will probably be hot pot holders in the works too.

I got a table to replace my ironing board a couple of weekends ago. It has been working well.

It is 48 inches wide so I should be able to iron a whole piece of fabric. The steel top has a tendency to expand if it gets hot so I am watching that.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A better picture of the binding

Quilt is done

The baby quilt I have been working on is done.  I used a new technique on the binding.  Two strips of fabric are sew together first then when folded it looks like a piped edge. Trick I learned on someone's blog.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby quilt in progress

I was able to quilt most of the body of the quilt.  Now must pin back the points so I can do the border.

Monday, August 9, 2010

More Furniture

I received the china hutch to go with the other piece over the weekend. I was able to get a lot of fabric in and under. It looks great. I culled another box of fabric from my stash and will continue to work on it. The closet is my next project. It is getting way too cluttered to access any thing in there.

Looks bad doesn't it

Quilts for Kids quilt

I actually quilted something this weekend in addition to cleaning, getting out of the house and putting up tomatoes. I signed up for Quilting for Kids which makes quilt for kids in the hospital. They send you the fabric and instruction, you sew and quilt and send an another quilt you provide. It was interesting enough that I kept at it and got it done in a day. Easy pattern and all cut out. I thought that the backing fabric was more exciting than the front.

The pictures uploaded sideways. They to up and down like they should.

I am still quilting on the other quilt.

Friday, August 6, 2010

New to me furniture

This started it all! A nice lady down the street ask if I wanted her mother's old buffet and china cabinet. I decided that I did and with our trips to Alaska and Texas there was a delay but now this week I was able to move it in. The China hutch is coming later this week. I understand it is going to be a little harder to carry upstairs. In anticipation of it coming I had to clean out a spot for it. Down came my tower of organizational cubes. OK, there was a lot of fabric in that tower. I have already taken 3 large bags to the thrift store. There are 4 suit cases of fabric stored. My goal is to thin down my stash to fit in the hutch. Bets are I will not be able to get rid of all of it, but will make myself work hard at it. I painted the wall a dark shade of dusty blue to match a spread that was in my sewing room. I only painted the one wall in the room, mostly to cover an earlier paint experiment that was pretty wild. The blue is a very calming color. The photos are flower pictures that I have taken. The baskets on the shelves are sewing boxes I have collected.

I am looking forward to getting the room back together so I can start sewing and getting it all messy again.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Star wall hanging finished!

Yesterday I was able to finished the star wall hanging. I used traditional straight stitching and stitched extra lines to bring out the diamonds. Looking at it on the picture I could have still moved the pieces around. I guess that is why I can do this pattern over and over, it has endless variations. I am getting good at y-seams also. They no longer frighten me.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Star wallhanging continued

I am still playing with the stars wall hanging. I think that this is the final placing of the pieces. I have started sewing it together this weekend. One thing that I have learned from this pattern in the past is that trimming the points is important to keep the bulk down at the center of the stars. It has been going together well. My machine is cooperating well after it's cleaning and maintenance. I bought a new straight stitch plate for the machine so maybe it will not eat the fabric as much. Triangle points are bad about that.

Of course I still have my helper here, though she did cooperate and take a nap.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Project continued

I have finished sewing all the triangles into equal triangles. I am spending time arranging them but am not happy with the look I have now. It looks different in the picture than in person, I know it will get rearranged yet again. I want the stars to flow, doesn't seem to be happening.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New work in progress.

I have started work on a commission for a friend. She wants a small wall hanging to go in a spare bedroom. I have always liked the movement of hexagonal stars. It will be in blues, greens and a touch of burgundy. I cut out some fabric yesterday with my accucut cutter and it always makes it go faster, now just to play with the fabric pieces till I find a pattern that works. I don't like what I have up now, it doesn't seem to flow.

When I was on vacation to Texas for reunions, one of my aunts gave me some of her craft and quilting books. It is always good to get new ideas. I especially like the Heirloom Quilts book. It has some quilting templates that I can use for free motion. Thank you Aunt Shirley for sharing.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pot Holders done

My sewing room has be quite lately. Life has been calling me away. Our youngest child is moving back into the house until she finishes college. The basement room she is to occupy has been filling with stuff while she lived in an apartment with a friend. She has managed to collect extra stuff also plus a bunny. Three loads of stuff was taken to the thrift store to make room. It is almost set now but we will be making a trip home for family reunions so not much will happen next few weeks either. I did get my Alaskan vacation potholders done and some sent out. I do like the pattern so will make this block more. Now just to find the time.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Hope you are having a good day.
I am keeping busy with sewing, cleaning and hopefully eating later. No company so just my hubby and I doing chores. His is cleaning the fiberglass under the deck that also serves as our carport. It is a tough job of removing the panels cleaning the space, he is then adding fiberglass screen to see if it will keep junk from getting into the space. I wash the panels with a power washer. Not so bad of a job. It is always good to see the transformation from grunge to clean. When you have a power washer in hand you start to look for other things to clean. I know the concrete pad will get washed later but for now I am attacking trash containers from around the house. The house siding could stand to be washed also. We'll see what gets accomplished. Too bad you can't tackle the kitchen with the thing.

Other than that I have been working on my vacation potholders. 5 are done, about 6 more are in stages. I like the design, simple but gets the point across.

I have been wanting to try out this pattern for a while and now that I have will want to make a quilt with it. I made a virtual quilt with the picture but the program I used does not convert to a j peg.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspirations from Alaska trip.

I wanted to record some inspirations from Alaska trip. I saw many interesting shapes on the ship that I took pictures of to remind me.

1. First the tiles on the Dinning level wall.

It would be complicated and need to be hand stitched, but it might be fun.

2 . Carpet in theater lobby.

It is similar to a log cabin block. Would not be hard to make if you had the right colors.

3. Tiles in Dinning room.

Might be useful as free motion quilting patterns

4. Carpet in the hall ways

Again maybe useful as free motion design.

5. Then how can you not be inspired by this. All beautiful shades of blue.

Alaskan Cruise

My family just got back from an Alaskan Cruise. It was wonderful. Every where you look is a postcard view. Even then pictures and videos cannot do justice.

Of course on the stops there are many places to buy stuff made in China with Alaska printed on it. We tried to minimize those purchases, you can't help a T-shirt or two. My major purchase was some bits of fabric. I went for Alaska wildflowers, plant, sky and water.

My thoughts are to make something to give the other family members on the cruise. That will probably be pot holders. Something small that they might actually use. I first thought of a complicated design but soon came to the idea of diagonal strips graduating from the ground to the flowers then the sea. Too bad I did not find a good sky print. It may have to come from my stash. I won't tell if you don't.