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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rag Heart Quilt

Today it rained most of day and was cold too, so spent most of the day finishing the rag heart quilt. After I washed it and dried it the hearts fluffed up ok but the edging didn't fluff as well as I had hoped.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rob Peter to Pay Paul and other things

I have been working on a scrap Rob Peter to Pay Paul. It is a queen size. I have yet to quilt it and will be doing it on the machine. It has taken a while to get pieced. I have gotten much better sewing curves. The pieces were cut on my accucut die cutter. It does make cutting go faster but it still takes a while.

When I make this one again, I want to use more coordinated set of fabrics.

Since I had finished the top I wanted to try making another purse. Quilted fabric is so expensive that I tried making my own with some sample fabric from EIEIO fabric made by Kaufman. I tried free motion quilting. I need a lot more practice that's for sure. I think That it turned out ok in the end. It still is not big enough to hold all my stuff so I will probably try a larger one.

One last thing, I received a heart shape die cutter with a edge to create a rag edge, and have been wanting to try it. Again I practiced the free motion, still need a lot more.